Monday, 1 June 2015

Missed call to verify

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Missed necessitate client identification
  • Verify the User and Mobile selection by asking to supply a incomprehensible invoke your MissedCall selection. employ the flexibility of lost imply verification of your new on-line Users, stop the spam registrations and build clean database!
  • User is given with selection to gift lost attractiveness throughout Registration technique. As shortly as lost call is received from the user we've an inclination to verify him/her instantly and registration technique continue.
  • Missed calls are the new because of get your customers to possess interaction with, either for marketing campaigns or for verification methodes to make the whole method simple.
  • We provide a simple to integrate platform for building incomprehensible call based business solutions and has ability to apprize incomprehensible call alerts in period of time and in cloud and what is more with no more package or hardware need and never charge for shopper verification needed to form a loyal and verified shopper base.
  • With the increase kind of on-line frauds, verification of mobile selection may be a necessary task to curb such menace, we've developed academic degree innovative account all such desires. All you want is solely atiny low piece of code to be appendant in your web page.
  • You can use phone verification service for spanking new user registration, secure transactions and two-factor authentication.
We have take into account Below Case For Varification 
sign-up Verification:
  • for building a clean user base by corroborative user’s phonephone numbers with merely a lost call.
Lead Generation:
  • for Optimizing sales profits by maintaining correct phonephone data.
Transaction Authorization:
  • For building another to OTP (One time password) primarily based dealings authorization system.
E-commerce Cash On Delivery:
  • for confirming user identity before dispatching cash on delivery shipments.